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We are gamers and developers, we made with passion our games, from gamers for gamers. We’re constantly improving our know how for create best casual, board and amazing games! Our secret sauce is mix any genre for create new things.

We have games in our DNA. We have experience since 2012 developing hits for all audiences. That experience bring us the knowledge for develop hits that our users love it. What’s our secret? Nothing, we really love what we do.

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Guess who am I – Who is my character? Board Games

Board Games Guess Who Can you guess my character? Welcome to that Ask questions game and try to solve all questions for win.

Have your ever play this gameboard for two friends or more? Free quiz words guessing board games with friends, not another Family Trivial game.

Clue Detective board game

Welcome to the classic adaptation of that family board game. Be a real detective crime on an amazing investigation discovery game for solve who has been murdered! who did it? In which room? and with what weapon?

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Fort Battle Royale - 3D FPS Shooter deathmatch

Welcome to the online game Battle Royale arena, now also for kids. A mobile edition FPS Shooter style game with a Pixel Battleground focus. It’s free to play as a team or in team death match. One of the team-based multiplayer shooter games, an epic death match where survival in multiplayer mode is very difficult. The last one standing wins. Explore the maps, use snipers in these online games, experience epic 4vs4 deathmatch shoot and get rewards, powers and loads of characters. Ready?

Overtake rallie - escape race game - police & cops

Welcome to vigilante rallie drift a race game of cars run away, avoid and escape from the police , drive free racing cars and escape the cops. Driving game where destroy everything will be your weapon to flee from the police. All games drive cars with steering wheel with gears and everything. Do your best to drive those crazy cars and avoid getting caught.

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4 in a row multiplayer | Online Four in Line Game

Welcome to Connect Four or 4 in a row is one of the most popular classic board games for friends.

Connect Four is a two-player connection board game, in which the players choose a color and then take turns dropping colored discs into a seven-column, six-row vertically suspended grid, where you have to plot four pieces. Before your movement it is important to find four pieces of your opponent, to block them.

Cube hero - Cube survival 3D. Run and cube rush

Cube hero – Cube survival 3D. Run and cube rush

In this casual game you control the cube hero in the cubic world, where you have to destroy at least a 90% of the cube block to complete the level. But is not an easy mission, because you will find a lot of cubic enemies in your path. To fight against them you have 4 different weapons or skills available. Use them smartly to survive and complete your mission. Become a cube survival, become a cube hero!

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Board Game - Guess who? What's my Character?

Free board game to discover and guess characters, it’s a questions and answers game, very fun to play with friends and family, and especially dedicated to children and guessing game for know who he is. Welcome to one of the board games for two players, favorite interactive family members.

Our philosophy

Lean Management. We believe in continual improvement, that’s the reason that we learn all days, for develop best games.


The art of create new things, new mechanicals and new entertainment.


Cool, modern, low poly and beautiful assets, all for our games.


We work with last tech, our favourite framework is Unity.


We don’t believe in extensive developments, we are lean.